Rainbow Dash Approves

Thank you for showing an interest in donating to the Ponyville.net: Friendship is AllTalk community! All donations are applied directly towards hosting and maintenance costs for our servers. Every contribution helps and we are grateful for your continued support.


Judge Stallione

Bring law to the lawless by equipping a Lawgiver with six unique ammo settings. Inspired by the Judge Dredd comics/movies!


Squeak your enemies to death by sending them to Pyroland, where the laws of physics don't always apply. Inspired by Pyromania!

R-Dash 5000

Execute your prime directive of CRUSH, KILL, DESTROY, SWAG by launching 50 homing rockets of death. Inspired by the .MOVies!
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Choose a donation plan:

1 Month (30 Days) - 5.46 USD
3 Months (90 Days) - 12.67 USD

Information about you:

SteamID / Community ID / Profile URL:

Do you accept this agreement?

What do you get for donating?

  1. Reserved slots on our servers.
    Join even when the server is full.
  2. Immunity during humiliation.
    Nobody can kill you at round end.
  3. Donor image at round start/end.
    Get a floating Dashy above your head.
  4. Donor chat tag and color.
    You'll be "20% Cooler" when you type!
  5. Donor sprite trails.
    Leave behind a rainbow and more!
  6. Play more sounds.
    Play 10 sounds per round.
  7. Enhanced forum privileges.
    Enjoy less gallery/chat restrictions.
  8. Donor Boss access in VSP.
    Play as bosses exclusive to Donors.
  9. Companion Boss access in VSP.
    Access bosses that are locked/random.
...and much more to come!


Donors can type /trails on any of our servers to choose from a wide variety of sprites that will follow their character. You're even able to set the attachment point (head, feet, etc.). Trail settings will be saved between individual classes and servers.


Q: When will my slot and immunity be activated?
A: Everything is automatic, so your privileges should be activated shortly after your donation is processed (usually upon map change). If you still have issues, please refer to the following thread.

Q: How do I connect using my reserved slot?
A: Install our convenient GameMenu.res to connect instantly with the click of a button! Or type connect in console (replace with your preferred server IP).

Q: What are the other benefits of donating?
A: Register on our forums and contact Raini to receive a custom title, enhanced gallery and chat privileges, and more. Don't forget to tell her the e-mail address that you used to donate!