1. Reserved slots on all servers
    Join even when the server is full!

  2. Equip quadruped pony models
    Play as a pony on the Red Team!

  3. Equip colorful sprite trails
    Attach colored trails, or a rainbow!

  4. Special Boss access in VSP
    Play as restricted Bosses!

  5. Companion Boss access in VSP
    Access locked/random Bosses!

  6. Round start/end image
    Get Rainbow Dash above your head!

  7. Chat tag and color
    Get blue text and "20% Cooler" tag!

  8. Play 10 sounds per round
    Access exclusive sounds!

  9. Immunity during humiliation
    Nobody can kill you at round end!

  10. Enhanced forum privileges
    Enjoy less gallery/chat restrictions!

20% Cooler privileges should become active upon map change. If your privileges are still not working after several map changes, contact Raini via forums or Simple via Steam.


Supporters can type /trails on any of our servers to choose from a wide variety of colorful trails that will follow their character. The attachment point of the trail (head, hands, feet, etc.) can be set and your settings will be saved between individual classes and servers. Trails will persist on Bosses and disappear as needed when using skills or Rages.


Supporters are given exclusive access to the following Bosses with unique abilities!

Button Mash

Transform into your videogame counterpart with platformer powers. Shoot lightning bolts at players. Inspired by the Jan Animation!


Nopony is safe from Eppaljeck's omniscient gaze of glitchiness, which burns through every Brony's soul. Inspired by the Gmod Community!

Lauren Faust

Call down the wrath of the heavens as Empress of Ponykind while blessed by the Robin Walker Power Play Uber. Inspired by Lauren Faust!

R-Dash 5000

Execute your prime directive of CRUSH, KILL, DESTROY, SWAG by launching 50 homing rockets of death. Inspired by the .MOVies!


Throw a birthday bash where every Rage comes with a random Crit surprise for the enemy team and turns everyone into a little pony. Inspired by G1 Pinkie Pie!


Send everypony to the moon where there is very little gravity and even less air. Shoot Wheatley from Portal at players, causing them to randomly explode. Inspired by Moonstuck!


  1. When will my 20% Cooler privileges be activated?
    Everything is automatic, so your privileges should be activated shortly after your payment is processed (usually within a map change). If your privileges are still not working after several map changes, please refer to the following thread. If your only means of contacting us is through Steam, send a Friend Request to Simple.

  2. How do I connect to a full server using my Reserved Slot?
    You'll need to connect via console (NOT your server browser). Just type connect into console and replace the IP in this example with the IP of the server that you wish to join. This is the only way to join using your Reserved Slot!

  3. How do I obtain my 20% Cooler privileges on the Forum?
    You'll need to send Raini a PM on the forum so that she can set this all up for you manually. Make sure to include the e-mail address that you used for PayPal. 20% Cooler status does not expire on the forums, so you will permanently enjoy those perks!

  4. Who runs all of this? I need to contact them.
    Raini does. She can be contacted directly via the forums.